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Welcome to the NAPCA Summer Academy! For the past 10 years, we have welcomed students from around the world to our exciting academic preparation, college readiness, and career exploration summer programs for elementary, middle, high school, and college students. Now, you can join them.

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Choosing an education program and a career path is one of the most important decisions you will make, which affects your financial and emotional well-being for years to come. Instead of graduating from high school and/or college with a shrug of the shoulders and a sigh of, “Well, I guess I need to figure out what I want to do with my life now…” you should be intentionally exploring different careers that align with your core values, interest, and strengths to help define your life’s purpose/career path. In return for your investment in exploring different careers of interest, you are preparing to have a career that will give you a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

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Elementary School
Academic Enrichment & Career Exploration Programs

For Rising 1st - 4th grade students.

Middle School
College & Career Readiness
Summer Programs

For Rising 5th - 7th grade students.

High School
College & Career Exploration
Summer Programs

For Rising 8th - 11th grade students.

Career Preparation
Summer Programs for
College Students

For community college and four-year college students.

NAPCA’s mission is to “close the college and career aspirations – attainment gap” by equipping students from all backgrounds and communities across the globe with the knowledge, skills, relevant experiences, and resources needed to define their life’s purpose/career path, break through their barriers, and prepare to enroll and complete some form of postsecondary education, specifically to be prepared to enter careers that provide a sense of purpose and meaning in life.



College and Career Aspirations – Attainment Gap:

The distance between a student’s stated college and career aspirations and the realization of completing some form of postsecondary education, specifically to be prepared to enter high skilled careers or trades.

Working toward the day that all youth and teens in communities across the U.S. and internationally will have the opportunity to be prepared to successfully enter and complete some form of postsecondary education or career/technical training, specifically to be prepared to enter high skilled careers and/or trades.

Empowering students in communities across the globe to:

  • Explore their future college and career paths
  • Find their life’s purpose/career path
  • Recondition their mindset for success
  • Break through the barriers to academic and career success (i.e., The fear of failure, success, and the unknown including mental, social, emotional, and cultural barriers)
  • Enroll and complete a regionally accredited two- or four-year college degree and/or career and technical training certificate or licensure program
  • Walk with hope and purpose while taking ownership of their future education and career goals

College Readiness: NAPCA students are better prepared for college than non-NAPCA students at specific schools served by NAPCA, surpassing students when it comes to “a-g” coursework and entrance exam completion, four-year college eligibility, college enrollment, college persistence, and college completion.


Coursework: NAPCA students are three times more likely to complete the “a-g” courses required for college admission as their non-NAPCA counterparts: 91% compared to 30%.


College Enrollment: 98% of NAPCA students attend college the first year after high school graduation.


College Success: The college persistence rates of NAPCA alumni are equal to or better than their campus counterparts who did not participate in NAPCA.

Why Choose NAPCA

We Put Our Students, Parents, and Employees First

We know what it is like to run a start-up, to risk everything, to step out and walk by faith when things are not going as you planned, and most important – to put our students, parents, and employees first. In 2009 our CEO’s vision was to provide the best individualized, high-energy, hands-on college and career readiness education that any summer program and camp could offer. Something unique—unlike anything else. It’s still our goal today.

A Proven Track Record of Student Success

9 out of 10 NAPCA Summer Academy alumni step into college with the tools and mindsets to break through their barriers and complete some form of postsecondary education, specifically to be prepared to enter high skilled careers or trades. We help our students take ownership of their future college and career goals.

Well Respected College & Career Readiness Summer Program

Now entering our 10th season, we have engaged thousands of kids and teens from the U.S. and internationally in our college and career readiness summer programs each year, and have empowered them to find their purpose, break through their barriers, and take ownership of their future aspirations. What is amazing is how our participants share what they learned at NAPCA with their family and friends. In return, we have received several testimonials of how our programs have made a positive impact on our participants, their friends and family. That’s the power of NAPCA: Peer networking and sharing resources and knowledge with family and friends.

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