Graphic Design & Photography

Welcome to a unique and creative summer experience. This program is for students who like creating visual images. Designs. Photographs. Websites. Logos. Magazines. Books. They want to learn how to use the programs that create those images, but even more: The tips and tricks that we professionals use in the real world. They want the answer to the question: "How did they do that?!" That's just the beginning of what we do here.

I'm passionate about design and photography.  I come from a background in book publishing, advertising, and international marketing, leading creative departments.  I've brought that interest and experience to the NAPCA Design & Photography Program at my alma mater, UCLA.

NAPCA is the leader in preparing students for college and helping students explore their career interests, and that's a key component of our program at UCLA as well. What is it like going to college? How do you get ready for that? How do you stay on track? We've done it, and we'll help you as well.Learn, explore, get inspired, and have lots of fun with us!

— Rick Penn-Kraus, Program Director