Testimonials from NAPCA Students

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Kelsey Campbell-Yonkers, NAPCA Alumni

My classes were challenging and the activities were fun…I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this program because it really helped me reduce my stress level about the college application process and I am more confident about getting through the whole admissions and financial aid process because we went through every critical step.

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LaDonna Roberts, NAPCA Parent

Parents – send your son or daughter to the NAPCA Summer Academy if you want them to walk into college better prepared to graduate from college. NAPCA taught my son how to be a successful college student, developed his positive mindset, and nurtured within him the confidence and resiliency to break through the barriers to college completion. Additionally, my son developed a personal strategic plan to help identify his purpose and vision and the strategies to achieve his academic and career goals. NAPCA is worth every penny my husband and I invested into the program.

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Ronald Roberts, NAPCA Alumni

NAPCA has changed my life forever. Though I was nervous and a little hesitant while coming to this program I am glad that I opened up and allowed myself to be comfortable here. I broke down barriers that I would’ve never broke down anywhere else and I would like to thank NAPCA for that. I now know that I will get farther in life because I don’t have those barriers blocking my path.

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Ms. Hiroko Taguchi, NAPCA Parent

Overall, NAPCA is worth the financial investment and more. The program exceeded my expectations! My son gained an understanding of what college life is like, learned the critical steps he must complete to be a competitive applicant for college admission, and learned how to break through the barriers to successfully enter and complete college.

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Nicholas Vu-Taguchi, NAPCA Alumni

I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to attend college because having the experience before hand and being prepared to complete all steps you will need to gain admission to your top choice colleges is just the advantage that everyone needs.

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Jason Magana, NAPCA Alumni

NAPCA is definitely an experience that I will never forget. The program has changed my life for the better, made me a better student and person at the same time, and the friends that I’ve made will stick with me wherever I go.

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