NAPCA Alumni

Welcome to the NAPCA Summer Academy Alumni Network.

As a member of the NAPCA family, we encourage you to continue to walk in your purpose, take ownership of your future aspirations, and pay it forward by empowering other young people around you to find their purpose/career path, break through their barriers, walk with hope and purpose, and take ownership of their education and career goals.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to join the NAPCA Summer Academy Staff at different campus locations, share your experience with other students by filling out our online Alumni Program Experience Form, and invite and nominate other students in your community to attend the NAPCA Summer Academy (at one of our campus locations) by completing our online Alumni Nomination Form for Prospective Student Admission.

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Prospective students love to hear from our alumni on their experience at NAPCA. Visit our Facebook page by visiting to write a review of your program experience and post appropriate photos during your time at NAPCA.

Nominate Students

Nominate friends, siblings and classmates for the experience of a lifetime!

Think back to the incredible experience you had at NAPCA. We want you to share that with your friends and classmates by nominating them to attend the NAPCA Summer Academy this summer. 

You’ve been to the NAPCA Summer Academy at Harvard, USC, or UC Berkeley and understand the type of students that we’re looking for. You know that we encourage diversity and place a high value on accepting students who are serious about academics and committed to take ownership of their college and career goals. 

Invite your classmates from your school clubs, and friends you’ve made at the projects you’ve worked on.

Your nominations will be kept strictly confidential and communication will be restricted to the students and their parents or guardians. The student leaders you nominate will receive complete information regarding NAPCA Summer Academy programs, including tuition details and scholarship opportunities, without obligation.

By nominating qualified students for this once in a lifetime experience, you are paying it forward and demonstrating your commitment to the development of our world’s student leaders for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Alumni Nomination Form for Prospective Student Admission

For More Information: Please contact our Alumni office at

$10,000 Scholarship Award for NAPCA Alumni

NAPCA is excited to announce our first annual NAPCA Summer Academy Alumni College Scholarship program!

To recognize the hard work, talent, and dedication of our NAPCA alumni, the NAPCA Foundation will award 4 scholarships to outstanding NAPCA alumni to help lower the cost to attend a regionally accredited two or four year college or university. Each recipient will receive up to $10,000.00 to cover tuition and books, which will be distributed over four consecutive years.

Scholarship Qualifications

This is a need-based scholarship; applications will be evaluated on academic excellence, demonstrated leadership in extracurricular activities, financial need, essays, and interviews. Please note that this is a highly competitive scholarship.

Applicants must meet the following criteria (no exceptions):

  • Alumnus of the NAPCA Summer Academy

  • Graduating High School Senior with at least a 3.5 GPA or higher

  • Accepted* to a regionally accredited college or university in the United States of America.

Important Note: The NAPCA Summer Academy Alumni College Scholarship is not in any way associated with the UNIVERSITY campuses where we host the NAPCA summer academy.

The scholarship award will be to a specific university and may not be transferred.

*If not available at the time of application scholarship recipients must provide a copy of their official letter of acceptance and statement of intent to register/enroll for the Fall in a specific college or university by May 2, 2017.

Application Requirements

Information submitted to NAPCA is confidential and will not be disseminated outside of the scholarship review board.

  • Online Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or counselor

  • List of extracurricular activities with contact information of faculty advisor

  • Essay question

    • What impact do you hope to have on the world? What have you done so far? (500 word maximum)

  • Electronic copy of academic transcript: scholarship recipients will be required to provide an official copy for verification.

  • Proof of acceptance and attendance to the NAPCA Summer Academy.

Apply Online: NAPCA Alumni College Scholarship Application (Application is closed)


Award Notification Dates

Scholarship Application Deadline:

April 1, 2017

Deadine to Submit Copy of

University Acceptance Letter &

Statement of Intent to Register

for Fall Semester 2017

May 2, 2017

Award Notification:

July 1, 2017