Our History

The vision for NAPCA was formed in December of 2009 by Aaron Smith after he completed a yearlong research project as a graduate student. Smith’s research coupled with his professional experience in college and career readiness counseling sparked a vision to establish a national organization, NAPCA.

From 2010 to current, Smith and the Board of Directors have been working to build an organization that will carry out Smith’s vision, Mission 2025, and purpose for NAPCA. Pilot programs were launched in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Each year, leadership and staff were committed to nonprofit capacity building and evaluating the effectiveness of pilot programs. When we use the term ”nonprofit capacity building,” we are referring to activities that improve and enhance NAPCA’s ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time and enhance NAPCA’s ability to have a positive impact on lives and communities.

Some of the distinct capacity building projects include developing a strategic plan for 2013-16,  constitution/bylaws, establishing NAPCA as a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, developing an effective website, developing a risk management plan, developing various departments within NAPCA, developing programs -curriculum and services- aligned with NAPCA’s mission and purpose, developing a leadership succession plan, identifying more efficient uses of technology, and engaging in collaborations with community partners.

A detailed timeline of NAPCA’s history since 2009 is being developed. We will publish on our site soon. For more information, contact us.