Program Activities


Career Exploration Activities


Our studios help students explore and experience different career options through experiential learning activities and cutting-edge technologies where students can dig deep into their passions and get a taste of what a future career might be like.

Fashion Design Studio

T-Shirt Decorating

Students will be able to decorate their own t-shirts with fabric markers, gemstones and tulle.

Footwear Design

Students will be able to decorate a pair of sneakers or any old shoes that they have at home that they would like to clean and design to give their shoes a fresh new look.

Dress Making

Students will turn everyday pillowcases into little fashionable attire and then donate them (choice of light sewing or double-sided fabric tape).

Footwear Design

Students will be able to decorate a pair of sneakers or any old shoes that they have at home that they would like to clean and design to give their shoes a fresh new look.

Beauty & Spa Studio

Spa Facials

Students will get dressed in spa robes and learn proper skin care with mask and cucumber slices for their eyes. Students will experience relaxation and fun massages.

Manicures and Pedicures

Hand and foot massage, nail file, and nail polish of one's choosing.

Arts & Crafts Studio


Students will create a finished work of art during each class. Students will show off their own work in a student exhibition. We provide all the painting supplies and even clean up the mess after!

Plastic Lace Crafts

Students will learn how to make key chains, lanyards, jewelry, and other accessories.

Slime Making

Students will take a class that is all about making slime! They will have the opportunity to make fluffy slime, glow in the dark slime, and more! Participants will get to take home all of the slime that they make at the end of the class.

Scented Candle Making

Students will learn how to make scented candles using eco-friendly, nontoxic ingredients to take home as a gift to someone they love.

Screenwriting, Film making & Photography Studio


In a fun and productive space, students will write, shoot, and/or edit short films under the guidance of professional screenwriters and filmmakers.


Learn how to create stunning digital photography and enhance imagery in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Students will build up their digital photography techniques first, then transition to developing their software and editing skills.


While creating a short commercial or similar project, students will practice shooting and editing techniques to create a cohesive movie and apply the design thinking process to peer critiquing.

Gardening Studio

Students will learn basic techniques for planting seeds in the garden, explore the plant life cycle and discover what plants need to grow, and compare plant food needs to human food needs.

Dance Studio

Dancing to the likes of Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and other popular artists, dancers will have a fun time learning new dance moves and choreography each day! All dance moves and choreography are age-appropriate and family friendly. At the end of camp, parents are invited for a brief showcase so dancers can show all they have learned.

The Baking Studio

Students will have fun baking a variety of healthy snacks and treats.

America’s Next Top Model Studio

Students will receive hands on experience with the fast-paced world of modeling.

DJ Music Mixing & Beat Making Studio

Students will get hands on experience with beat making and mixing and recording music using two turntables and a mixer.

Acting for Film & Television Studio

Students will learn the technical and emotional adjustments required for working in front of the camera in a relaxed and truthful way.

Graphic Design Studio

Students will receive hands-on introduction to the creative process and core elements of graphic design for a variety of outputs, including print and electronic media. Topics include research, typography, imagery, and concept development.

Website Design & Development Studio

Students will learn the essentials for building a website, including basic content creation, insertion of images and multimedia, installation of various plug-ins and extensions, how to apply and customize templates, and more.

Video Editing Studio

Adobe Premiere Pro is used by professionals across the spectrum of filmed entertainment, including feature films, music videos, and documentaries. Students will receive hands on instruction and practice with simple editing techniques to more complex compositing, layering, tilting, motion graphics, and sound design.


Virtual Career Tours

Virtual career tours include career details such as work tasks and settings, education or training needed, average salary, and more. Students will explore different types of careers.

Registered Nurses
Medical Physicians


College Tours

Students will experience college life through interactive visits to two year and four year college campuses designed exclusively for elementary school students.

Los Angeles City College
California State University, Long Beach


Fun Activities & Excursions

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Are you a thrill seeker? Come out to Six Flags with NAPCA and the Staff and enjoy the gold standard of theme parks. Six Flags has 160 world-class roller coasters, upscale restaurants, and entertainment.

Game Night

Prepare yourself for a fun night of games and tap into the strategist within.

An Evening at LA Dodgers Baseball Game

NAPCA students and staff will spend an evening cheering on a professional American baseball team such as the LA Dodgers.


Bowling is an evening of fun for everyone! Come Show your skills on the lane of just hang out and eat some delicious pizza and wings while you relax in the lounge areas.


Think you can sing like Shawn Mendes, Taylor Swift, and the Jonas Brothers? Or do you think you can rap like Drake? Come show off your singing or rapping skills at the NAPCA Karaoke studio.

Hurricane Harbor Waterpark

Be cool! NAPCA is ready to take you out to the water slides and lots of refreshingly cool water.

Sky Zone Indoor Trapoline Park

Sky Zone is the world's first indoor trampoline park. You can join in on a fitness class for a workout, slam dunk on a 10 ft basketball net, flip into a pool of foam, or simply bounce around!

NAPCA Dance Party

You came in as strangers and you now prepare to part as close friends - but not before you party together at the final dance! There will be a live DJ mixing up your favorite tunes and plenty of snacks and beverages to keep you going.

Fun Under the Sun at the Beach

NAPCA students and staff will spend an afternoon enjoying the beach. Join the fun and relax a little with your new friends!

Swimming / Pool Party

It's time to bring out the sunglasses, tanning lotion and get your swim on! Feel the vibes with music thumping and relaxing by the pool with your friends while you soak up the sun.

Movie Night

Lights, Camera, Popcorn! Students and NAPCA program staff will watch an entertaining movie at one of the top movie theaters in the U.S.

Skating with NAPCA

Want to race? Come out and join NAPCA and staff on a beautiful night by taking some Laps around the skating rink and enjoy your new friends!

Ice Cream Socials

I Scream, you scream, well all scream for ice cream! Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, whatever your favorite flavor is, it is time to indulge with your friends and NAPCA program staff.

Open Mic / Talent Show

Whether it's singing a pop culture song, playing a Beethoven sonata, or sharing an athletic feat, the Talent Show at NAPCA is sure to be a time of amazing entertainment.

Netflix Movie Room

We bring the movie theater to camp. Students will be able to watch and enjoy all of their favorite kid movies and tv shows on Netflix.

Student Lounge & Game Room

Students will have the opportunity to explore the fun and exciting world of the digital gaming world!  Students can expect to play games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and much much MORE! Healthy snacks and treats will be provided.

Video Games

Arcade Games

Board Games

Healthy Snacks & Treats

Indoor & Outdoor Sports/Group Activities

Students will have the opportunity to engage in healthy competition as they participate in various sports and group activities.



Flag Football






Track & Field

Carnival Games

Students will have a great time playing games, winning prizes, and eating delicious snacks and treats with their friends at the NAPCA Carnival.

Inflatable Water Park

Students will have the opportunity to splash around and cool down from the summer heat by enjoying our Inflatable Water Park!